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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hindustani Classical Concert at RASIKAS, Chennai on 12th April'2009

This was the very first ever Hindustani Music concert organised at RASIKAS, Chennai and the credit for which entirely goes to Mr. Kulkarni, for having organized the same.

Some comments and feedback from the Rasikas's audience -

It was a wonderful evening. Excellent music, interspersed with explanations about styles and nuances of HM and a lovely setting ideally suited for chamber music.


A great experience. I did see an HM concert in 2005, but it was not very good, so doesn't count, and makes it quite a while since the last one. It was worth waiting for! As well as the music, her explanations were much appreciated and very useful. The interaction with the more knowledgeable audience members was good to see too.

After listening to the HM of Mrs.Shruthi Jauhari, I thanked myself for attending to the HM in time. Well, from now onwards I need not regret if I miss a concert of Parveen Sultana, but should not miss to attend to the concerts of Mrs.Shruti Jauhari. The wonderful and sweet voice, the nice introductions about the song and raga and the easy way of accepting the requests of the audience for new ragas (main culprit being myself) have endeared the audience to the artist.
Raag Madhuvanthy, Sudh kalyan, Durga, Dhani, Syam kalyan (equivalent to the Yamuna kalyani raga), Miyaki Malhar, a Bhajan in Maund?, and finally a haunting Pahadi.


This 11 minute phase was the high point of the concert for me. In 30 years of listening this is the only fourth occasion I have heard this raga in vocal - whether radio or tape or CD or whatever. And there are some absolutely divine moments in the alaap here. Beyond Ragas and Proficiency, this was a great concert purely for ambiance. Everything that is the true hall mark of a HM concert was there. The hall reverberating to the strains of music, cajoling the mind as if to say everything is right with the world. Just till yesterday, the artist was just a name and a figure and in the space of three hours, the rasika is let into the innermost recesses of a thought process-Sometimes floating on a thermal current, and showing a disinclination to climb down to lower heights. As though we had known the artist for decades. The Dhani lyrics had a fine philosophical angle to it (the punch line of Tolstoys "How much land does a man need "came to mind) and with the Sun setting on yet another beautiful day in Nungambakkam, It was payback time. We owe it to the artist, to allow her to sing her next concert for us with a format she chooses.
Hopefully soon.

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