Dr. Shruti Jauhari

A rare blend of Performing Artist, Voice Coach, Historian, Author & Guru on Hindustani Classical Music. Highly Creative and Melodious due to which the Khayaal Gayaki & Thumri comes to her naturally.

Fundamentals of Hindustani Classical Music

Art begins where science ends.

Indian Classical Music truly portrays this phenomenon. Be it the concept if SwarTalChhand or the history of evolution of Bharatiya Sangit, all the elements that combine to form this subject are manifestations of scientific principles. This approach of understanding music not only leads to logical conclusions but also touches human emotions – the Art of Music.

With this approach Fundamentals of Hindustani Classical Music is aimed for readers who have some elementary knowledge Hindustani Music, but wish to delve deeper into the subject to understand the science and art of Music.

This book essentially aims at explaining to the reader all aspects of Indian music through simple language.

ISBN: 978-81-215-1354-8

First published: 2021

Published & Printed by: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

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