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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Elements of Hindustani Classical Music

The Book is about to be published in a few months from now, hopefully. The manuscript is currently being given the final touches and will then be turned over to the publishers. It has surely taken much longer than expected, given the very limited time and hours available to work on it. Here is sharing in very brief the objective of this work and how it all started :

During the initial years of teaching Hindustani Classical Music at Madras University, a majority of students were from Non-Hindi speaking background. It was hard to recommend and suggest books on the subject in English, which could give a clear and simple outline of the fundamentals of Hindustani Classical Music. This is how the very thought of working on such a book came up.

As a feedback from various interactive sessions during Performances, Lec/Dem Sessions and Classes, especially from non-Hindi speaking audiences, the need was felt for such a book that would be an easy reference to help understand and appreciate the nuances of Hindustani Classical Music in its totality.

Accordingly, the book is written in a very simple English and easy to understand format, covering all the aspects of Hindustani Classical Music for beginners. It is hoped that this book will be extremely useful to all the students, connoisseurs and rasikas of  Hindustani Classical Music.

The synopsis of the book titled ELEMENTS OF HINDUSTANI CLASSICAL MUSIC is presented HERE.

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