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Friday, July 22, 2016

Rāg Mālikā

Rāg Mālikā

ISBN. 81-89828-13-4
Publication No. 266
1st Edition: March 2016
Price: Rs. 800/- (INDIA) | US$ 40 (OVERSEAS)
Published By: Sangeet Karyalaya, Hathras (UP) - 204 101 INDIA
Printed by: Shri Krishna Printer, Hathras (UP) - 204 101 INDIA   
Written by: Shruti Jauhari & Nancy Needhima

"Unique, contextually relevant & highly useful! These were my thoughts when I saw Dr. Shruti Jauhari's English adaptation of some of the monumental works of the all time great musician, musicologist Pt. V N Bhatkhande. The book is unique because it specifies both Hindustani & Western notations of a composition. It will be a boon for both Hindustani & Western, vocalists & instrumentalists to have such a guide, in order to learn the details & nuances of compositions, which are the most authentic reference model to understand theory & art of Hindustani Classical Music. It is all the more gratifying to note that this unique work has been successfully carried out by Dr. Shruti Jauhari, who herself is a brilliant exponent of Hindustani Classical Music. I wish you, the reader, all the best."
 ~ Sangeet Laya Samrat
Padmabhushan Dr. T. V. Gopalakrishnan
 Chennai (India)

About Rāg Mālikā :

Pathbreaking work in the field of Hindustani Classical Music.

Kramic Pustak Malika by the legendary musicologist Pt. V. N. Bhatkhande is the core foundation of Hindustani Classical texts that cover an ocean of Bandishes (compositions). The original work being in Hindi has remained inaccessible to the non-Hindi musicians, students and connoisseurs of Hindustani Classical Music across the globe. The language barrier caused lack of understanding & motivation towards learning the original compositions.

The author takes this work entirely to another level by not only adapting from Hindi to English, but also into alternative notations connecting to the Western style. As a result, this turns out to be a simple yet fruitful depiction of the notations being written not just in Indian system but also adapted and interpreted in the western classical style.

This scholarly adaptation provides a new life to the Original works, by taking it across the linguistic and geographical barriers. This book is useful not just for voice students but also for instrumentalists. These Bandishes can be easily played by western musicians in piano, flute, violin, guitar etc...

Through Rāg Mālikā , the age-old Bandishes will now reach a much wider audience thus enabling Hindustani Classical music to travel even across Genres.

Author Profile:
Dr. Shruti Jauhari, a noted Performing Artist, Author & Guru of Hindustani Classical Music. She has been performing extensively in India and abroad and regularly conducts Workshops, Lec-dem and Training Sessions on Voice-Culture. She is actively involved & associated with various organisations and institutions as a Performer & Scholar of Hindustani Classical Music. She is also the Managing Trustee at GEETANJALI Sangeet Academy (http://geetanjali.net.in)
More details about the Author are available at: www.shruti.info 

Nancy Needhima is a creative writer and an aspiring performing artist specialising in Indian classical arts - Hindustani Classical Music, Light Music and Kathak. An avid lover of Indian art forms, she is optimistic about promoting her love for arts, through teaching, performance and literature. One among such endeavours is her contribution to ‘Rāg Mālikā’.


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