Dr. Shruti Jauhari

A rare blend of Performing Artist, Voice Coach, Historian, Author & Guru on Hindustani Classical Music. Highly Creative and Melodious due to which the Khayaal Gayaki & Thumri comes to her naturally.

श्रुति संवाद ™

श्रुति संवाद ™| Shruti Samvaad ™~ A Conversation with Music ...

India is known for its rich culture all over the world. From the several cultural streams of Indian tradition, Hindustani Classical Music is one that has touched the souls of many, within as well as beyond borders. It is however strange that although there has been a tremendous rise in the interest levels all over; the knowledge and understanding, even at a basic level, has rapidly declined over the last few decades.

A connoisseur while listening to a maestro may enjoy the recital, but finds it difficult to understand the very basic aspects of the presentation and only a handful are able to actually enjoy & appreciate the nuances. Even general terms like Raag, Alaap, Khayaal etc are unknown and misinterpreted. Here it is important to mention that any Classical genre demands a certain basic knowledge about the subject in its technique and grammar for complete understanding and pleasure.

Shruti-Samvaad ™ is a unique way of combining both, Music as well as its understanding. The broad overview and details of the system are discussed during session along with Vocal recitals / demonstrations, so that the audience acquires sufficient knowledge of Hindustani Classical Music.

The broad areas and topics generally covered are as follows:
  • Origin, evolution and history of Indian Classical Music. 
  • Concept of Swar. Numbers of Swars constituting a Saptak. The basic concept of Laya and Taal. Some basic Taals commonly practiced in the system. 
  • The Raag – an overview of all aspects – origin, structures, classification. 
  • The prevalent system of Hindustani classical music – The Khayaal Gaayaki. 
  • A comparative analysis of Western Classical, Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Music. 
  • An extremely interesting study of the Gharaana system and life sketches of some of the eminent musicians. 
  • A brief discussion on Instruments and some of the great Instrumentalists of Hindustani Classical Music. 
  • Some important Raags. 
  • The Indian music Scenario – A critical analysis - an interactive session. 
  • Question Session. 

Shruti-Samvaad ™ also includes Power-Point presentation slides covering rich and informative contents played during the conversation and supported with relevant audio-video reference material. The presentation, if required, may also include a complimentary copy of the book titled “Elements of Hindustani Classical Music”, for further reference on the subject.

Specific contents, topics, format and the outline of the workshop could also be designed or modified based on the time available and the scope of interest of target audience.

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