Dr. Shruti Jauhari

A rare blend of Performing Artist, Teacher, Historian, Author & Guru on Hindustani Classical Music. Highly Creative and Melodious due to which the Khayaal Gayaki & Thumri comes to her naturally.

स्वर संवाद ™

स्वर संवाद ™| Swar Samvaad ~ Voice Culture

After two decades of extensive Study, Research and Practice (Riyaaz), this is the area of specialization in Music that Shruti now shares and teaches during her workshops and lecture-demonstrations. A brief on such a Workshop / Lecture-Demonstration is as follows:

It is often noticed that while rendering music, despite the genuine effort, to sing up to one's full capability and potential, the effectiveness is still not attained. That is, despite taking complete care while singing, the result is still average. The reason in many cases is that although care has been taken to master the song or the composition, the voice carries certain defects on which no attention has been paid. That is, the voice has not been prepared or cultured properly.

While learning music, it is of vital importance to enhance the quality or culture the raw and untamed voice, which is the main ingredient in the singing process.

The voice has to be nurtured or prepared with respect to the following:
  • Breathing,
  • Uniformity in voice,
  • Clarity in voice,
  • Substance in voice,
  • Sustainability,
  • Perfection of notes in voice,
  • Developing sufficient range in voice (3 octaves desired),
  • Attaining the concept of Laya (periodicity) while singing,
  • Eradication of unwanted sound, like nasal sound etc.
After working upon these basic techniques which are “a must” for any genre of singing, be it light or classical (Carnatic or Hindustani), comes some more advanced techniques as follows:
  • The perception of notes in order to have controlled singing,
  • Singing and mastering voice in between the notes (Indian Classical Singing is all about precision in Swar and Shrutis [microtones])
  • Mastering some vital singing techniques like Meend, Muraki, Taan etc.,
  • To be able to synchronise singing as per the imaginations (singer often say they have a lot in mind but are unable to produce or sing it out)
  • To attain the concept of Laya,
The above mentioned are some of the facets of voice culture which are discussed at length and in depth during the Workshop / Lec-Dem, with due vocal exercises and demonstration.

Also the relevant theoretical information is shared / discussed for the better understanding of subject.

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