Dr. Shruti Jauhari

A rare blend of Performing Artist, Voice Coach, Historian, Author & Guru on Hindustani Classical Music. Highly Creative and Melodious due to which the Khayaal Gayaki & Thumri comes to her naturally.

Shruti Samvaad @ YouTube


“श्रुति संवाद | Shruti Samvaad” ~ Conversations with Music, will discuss the basics of Hindustani Classical Music. Please feel free to send in your doubts, questions or even suggestions on topics, and we will be pleased to include them in our subsequent videos. The contents of this series are based on the book titled: “Elements of Hindustani Classical Music” authored by Dr. Shruti Jauhari.

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In this part, we shall discuss the very basic & elementary concept of "Sound & Naad" explained in simple terms and is easy to understand.

In this second part of "Shruti~Samvaad" series, the concept of Shruti (Microtones) & Swar (Notes) is discussed.

Taking forward this series of "Shruti Samvaad", we will now discuss the concept of Raag (राग), which will be covered over the next 3 to 4 short clips. Stay tuned & subscribe this channel for further updates!

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