Dr. Shruti Jauhari

A rare blend of Performing Artist, Voice Coach, Historian, Author & Guru on Hindustani Classical Music. Highly Creative and Melodious due to which the Khayaal Gayaki & Thumri comes to her naturally.

Rāg Mālikā

Rāg Mālikā : English adaptation of 'Kramik Pustak Mālikā’.

Rāg Mālikā sprang from the need of those who wished to use Pt. V N Bhatkhande’s Kramik Pustak Mālikā but were unable to access it through Hindi. They were, thus deprived of experiencing the various rāgs, through their compositions. As some of these volumes of work have now been transliterated and adapted to English, it will be of immense use to all those who wish to learn and enjoy these compositions. In addition, Western music notations have been included to the Hindustani svars to facilitate accessibility to students familiar with Western music. Through this, Western music vocalists as well as instrumentalists can learn and experience the various melodies of the rāgs and their compositions.

Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Music, immersed in playing the Veena in rapt delight, on the cover page of this book is a watercolour painting, a masterpiece created by genius artist Late Shri. S. Rajam.

Cover Page of Rāg Mālikā

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